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Jacksonville Adoption Attorney jacksonville divorce images 2 300x200Adopting a child can be both a challenging and extremely rewarding experience. Types of adoption vary, from step-parent adoption, co-parent adoption, grandparent adoption, relative adoption, international adoption, and adoption from birth parents. Irrespective of the type of adoption you want to have, the assistance and guidance of an experienced and seasoned Adoption Attorney can turn this complex and time-consuming process into a positive experience.

Step-Parent & Co-Parent Adoption

Jacksonville Adoption Attorney jacksonville divorce images 11These are the common forms of adoption wherein the child adopted is the biological child of the spouse of the person who wishes to adopt. In step-parent adoption, the birth parent’s rights are terminated while the child becomes the legal responsibility of the step-parent. For same-sex parents, co-parent adoption will apply, where one of the same sex couple is the biological parent of the child about to be adopted. In a co-parenting adoption, the non-biological parent obtains the rights over decision making, such as educational options and medical care.

Grandparent & Relative Adoption

Relative adoption happens when the child being adopted is already a part of your extended family. This is common among young mothers faced with legal or mental problems which can affect their qualifications in raising their child themselves. Standby Adoption, though similar to relative adoption, can only be enacted upon the passing of the biological parents. It is the stand-by adoption’s purpose that the child becomes the responsibility of a family member they approved of and are already familiar with.

International & Birth Parent Adoption

Jacksonville Adoption Attorney jacksonville divorce images 4 300x200This adoption occurs when the child to be adopted is not a part of your immediate family. Though this type of adoption is the most challenging to acquire, it comes with high rewards. It is common that the child to be adopted comes from a situation wherein they are unwanted or unable to be cared for, adopting them will be like saving them from these circumstances making your relationship with the child more special. Working with an experienced Family Lawyer is important, as the process involving international and direct adoption can be complex.

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A Jacksonville Adoption Attorney is what you will need regardless of what type of adoption you desire to obtain. The process of adoption comes with mounds of paperwork, background checks and it can be very lengthy. Our family law professional will help clarify the adoption process and your options, represent your case in court, and with adoption agencies and birth parents. We are here for you!

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