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Jacksonville Domestic Violence Attorney

Jacksonville Domestic Violence Attorney jacksonville divorce images 7 300x200One of your fundamental rights is to feel safe in your own home. You have the choice to take legal action if you feel you are in danger of or have gone through physical abuse, harassment, unlawful confinement, or are being denied necessary medication from a person within your household. In obtaining a protective order or creating a plan for personal protection, you will need an experienced Domestic Violence Attorney. For persons like your minor children or disabled adults in your household, who do not have the ability to acquire legal protection themselves, you have the right to act on their behalf.

Obtaining an Order of Protection

Jacksonville Domestic Violence Attorney jacksonville divorce images domestic violence 06 result 300x200To prohibiting an abuser from continuing abuse, an Order of Protection is issued by the court. Because domestic violence issues must be given immediate attention, our domestic violence lawyer is ready to act on your behalf to assist you in getting an Emergency Protective Order which will be valid for 14-21 days. In order to avoid having the victim subjected to further abuse, the abuser will not be notified prior to the Emergency Protective Order being placed. The courts will also have a choice to enter an Interim Order of Protection which is effective for up to 30 days while court appearance is pending. The courts, after the evidentiary hearing has taken place, can enter a Plenary Order of Protection which will be effective up to 2 years. Components like prohibiting abuse, stay-away orders, exclusive possession of marital residence, and child custody may be covered in a protection order.

Protective Order Violations

Jacksonville Domestic Violence Attorney jacksonville divorce images 8 300x200Since domestic violence and protection order violations are taken very seriously, it is a crime punishable by law when you intentionally disobey a protective order. Whether a law enforcement officer saw the violation happen or not, as long as there is a probable cause that the order has been violated, he or she can make an instantaneous arrest even without a warrant issued.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Domestic Violence Lawyer

Reaching out to a skilled Jacksonville Law Violence Lawyer is essential when you are anxious for the safety of yourself, your children or other members of your household because of a possible violence or neglect from another household member. Our lawyers can assist you in the process of acquiring protection and help you get a protective measure in place. We can also help you if you are mistakenly accused of domestic violence and are looking for someone to represent you.

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