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Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney

Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney jacksonville divorce images 5 300x200Involving children in the divorce equation causes many to lose sleep over worries and concerns. When the issue of divorce becomes inevitable within the family, it is common that children become the determining factor. Many parents choose to stay in a bad marriage thinking that it will be best for their children, however with the help of an experienced Child Custody Attorney, you don’t have to sacrifice having a better life for yourself. Let us help you create a plan for your life that will consist of happiness for both you and your children.

Dispelling the Happy Home Myth

Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney jacksonville divorce images 1 300x200Many choose to stay in a bad relationship for one of the most common reasons, which is “staying for the kids”. In contrast, however, many couples don’t take into account that an environment distraught by constant arguments, anger, and unhappiness is more damaging than a child having to deal with a split home. Your children will build their own lives and relationships based on the example they have seen from your relationship. Many parents overlook this major consideration when deciding whether or not divorce is the right step for them and their family.

Contrary to the happy home myth, many children, after their parents’ divorce, are actually relieved that finally the air has cleared up and at the same time parents feel that they are able to connect with their children better on a real level after finally being freed from the burden of “putting on a show”. Being open with your children and giving them assurance that they will still have a relationship with both their parents is key to initiating a long term healthy relationship with them, despite divorce.

Determining Child Custody

Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney jacksonville divorce images 10 300x200It is always the best interest of the child that is used as the determining factor in a child custody case. This often means that it will include working with a Guardian Ad Litem in order to help determine whether a joint or sole custody is best, what the custody agreement should look like, and to determine the status of the capacity of the individual parent in charge for care through mental health evaluators. During a custody trial, the court will then decide whether joint or sole custody is best for the child or children involved in the issue.

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Jacksonville Law can help you with all areas of child custody, which includes obtaining sole or joint custody, parenting responsibility, or in contesting custody decisions.

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