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Jacksonville Paternity & Father’s Rights Attorney

Jacksonville Paternity & Father’s Rights Attorney jacksonville divorce images 9 300x200It is an ordinary circumstance for children to be born outside of marriage. However, additional actions are required in order for the father to be legally recognized as such and have the same responsibilities and rights that a married father would have when a child is born to unmarried parents. In order to fully understand the process and eventually earn the rights that you deserve, help from a skilled Father’s Rights Attorney is important.

How the Law Addresses Paternity

Before you are acknowledged as the legal father of a child, some level of proof must be produced. In the situation wherein the child is born with married parents, it is automatically assumed that the couple is the legal parents, however for unwed couples, additional measures must first be taken so that parentage can be proved. At the birth of the child, the father’s presence and his subsequent act of signing the birth certificate is deemed sufficient proof of his acceptance of the child as his own. Nevertheless, if he was not able to sign the birth certificate, filing a Petition to Establish Paternity with the court subsequently gives him rights as the father of the child.

Protecting Your Child

Jacksonville Paternity & Father’s Rights Attorney jacksonville divorce images 3 300x200Paternity is a pivotal issue in child protection. There are numerous situations wherein the child may need alternative care or housing, whether short or long term due to domestic violence, mental illness, psychological condition, or an inability to care for the child by the mother. If your parentage has been recognized, the child will benefit as he or she will have the ability to stay with a concerned and loving parent rather than being removed to state or placed in a temporary guardianship. In addition, you will also be legally allowed to act on behalf of your child in order to ensure that he or she is receiving enough care, ever if you are not the custodial parent.

Proving or Contesting Paternity?

Jacksonville Paternity & Father’s Rights Attorney jacksonville divorce images 4 300x200There are many occurrences wherein a man will require legal assistance in a parentage case. First would be in proving and then obtaining rights regarding his child. The reverse case of this would be contesting parentage. There will also be circumstances wherein a man receives information leading him to believe that the child he is responsible for is not his biological child. Having a skilled and experienced family lawyer is beneficial as it will assist you in steering through this sometimes confusing process, effectively and efficiently.

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