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Jacksonville Child Support Attorney

Jacksonville Child Support Attorney jacksonville divorce images 8 300x200To ensure that children will get the sufficient support they deserve from their parents, strong state policy is in place. Because of this, support is one of the primary factors taken into consideration during a divorce, parentage, or custody case. Our experienced child support attorneys here at Jacksonville Law will assist you in understanding what child support you may be responsible for or what you should be entitled to receive, as well as help with enforcement or modification of existing child support.

Child Support Calculation

If you are not sure what to expect in determining support, we can help you understand this process. An accurate calculation of support obligation is key. Here at Jacksonville Law, we use only modern software, together with your tax and income documents, to determine what support you would be accountable for paying, or eligible to receive. We answer all the questions so that you will know precisely what to expect.

Child Support Enforcement

Jacksonville Child Support Attorney jacksonville divorce images 3 300x200If you are not getting the support you are entitled and awarded to by the court, we have a number of ways to help you acquire the support you need for your child. Because Jacksonville Law has experience handling a lot of child support enforcement cases, we are more than capable of helping you through enacting payroll deductions or implementing other measures on your behalf. Our vast experience in the field of child support allows us to assist you at all times.

Child Support Modification

From time to time, child support changes because circumstances change as well. Child support modification may come up when necessary, situations such as parents falling on financial difficulties, changed jobs, or their financial status has altered may be some factors. Our expertise can assist you in reviewing the information you have and help you determine if going onwards with a request for modifications is the right step for you and your children.

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We are here to support and assist you whether in getting child support, child support enforcement or child support modification. We offer all new clients a FREE consultation to learn about our firm and how we can help.

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